The highest quality production techniques from IDML

At IDML we are proud to combine over 25 years experience with five of the very best production methods that work to create exactly the right clothing for you.

  • Embroidery
  • Direct To Garment (DTG)
  • Heat Seal
  • Thermal Printing
  • Versacamm

This flexibility of production allows us to work with you to identify the best production methods to suit your specific clothing needs and budget. Here is a little more on each:

At IDML we are known for providing the highest quality embroidery available. Embroidery that is long lasting and gives a professional appearance to clothing. We have one of the largest selections available of coloured threads, ensuring accurate Pantone and CMYK colour reproduction for your brand or logo and use the latest equipment and software to ensure fast and accurate reproduction.

With us there are no set up costs and we even provide you with a swatch of your logo as standard, giving you complete confidence that with IDML your embroidered clothing will provide you with the clothing you want and that people are proud to wear.

Direct To Garment (DTG)
DTG printing is the one of the newest innovations garment printing. In principle, the method used is similar to a more advanced inkjet printer. As the name suggests, your design is printed directly onto the garment, enabling high speed, flexible and great quality prints every time.

Heat Seal
Providing a vibrant finish and perfect for producing single colour text, simple logos and numbers. A design is cut from a single-sheet of coloured vinyl and then heat sealed onto a garment using one of our heat presses. A second vinyl colour may be added to this to create highlights.

Thermal Print
A technique that uses the same basic principle as Heat Seal. However, in place of a plain vinyl colour a sheet of vinyl is printed with any design and then heat sealed onto a garment. Allowing complex images and picture grade quality on garments.

Versacamm Transfer Printing
This extends the principle of thermal to a new level by not only printing a design onto special vinyl, but then cutting this design out to give a crisp edge and outline to any design which is then Heat Sealed onto a garment. Versacamm printing is ideal for printing high resolution images, such as complex logos, artworks and photographs to create a crisp image with a glossy finish.


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Many thanks for arranging the printed T shirts for our Bioblitz event last month with such short notice. Please thank your team for their efforts on our behalf.
— Margaret Spencer - Isle of Wight AONB Partnership