Must haves for the coming winter weather

With the chilly mornings and nights closing in, the telltale signs of winter are here and it’s time to check you have everything you need for the arrival of Jack Frost. Here are a few tips to help you find a great solution to all weather conditions.

Being Warm

The first and most important consideration, core body temperature is the thing to maintain and there are several things you can consider -

Thermal underwear can be a great start to building up body temperature and creating layers of trapped warm air.

Look for a heavier MSG in your clothing - grams per square meter, is the metric measurement of the weight of a fabric. The bigger the number the denser and heavier the material is.

Take advantage of quality outerwear, with linings and padding.


Along with the cold, the winter brings freezing rain and if were really lucky…snow. You need to consider if the outerwear you have is waterproof and not just shower proof, worth checking before getting soaked.

Get waterproofing that lasts, so look for fully a taped makeup and a quality 100% polyester construction.


There’s no point being warm and dry, until you build up a sweat and it can’t escape through your sealed waterproof outerwear. A breathable fabric allows the sweat to be released, keeping you dry inside and outside.

Check with your supplier you are getting the product you need for the conditions you work or play in.


Keep your hands, feet and head warm. Taking heed of the advice above, there are large ranges of gloves, safety footwear and hats and scarves for all conditions. Make sure you can take good advice on which garment is right for the job you are doing.