Would you like a free online branded clothing shop? Read on...

What are IDML’s online stores and how do they work?

How your store would work.

  • You add a link to your website, your members or customers can click through to the online shop we create for you.

  • IDML run every aspect of the shop from order to delivery, you would only need to update us with any new products or prices.

  • You would be able to choose from a massive catalogue of clothing/sportswear/kid’s wear/bags/towels etc.

  • You can add your logo, message or designs to the products you want to sell.

  • Receive a monthly income for your sales.

The benefits of an online store.

  • They are free.

  • You can sell branded clothing to bring in an extra revenue stream or to promote your organisation.

  • It is free to set up and only requires a basic input of ideas and information to build

  • You set the price you wish to sell your products at.

  • We deal with any problems.

What are the negatives.

  • We can only use your imagery within a template system, this is not a bespoke designed website.

  • You have to promote your online store.

How to get a free online store.

Just contact IDML , get a catalogue and choose your products.