Would you like a free online branded clothing shop? Read on...

What are IDML’s online stores and how do they work?

How your store would work.

  • You add a link to your website, your members or customers can click through to the online shop we create for you.

  • IDML run every aspect of the shop from order to delivery, you would only need to update us with any new products or prices.

  • You would be able to choose from a massive catalogue of clothing/sportswear/kid’s wear/bags/towels etc.

  • You can add your logo, message or designs to the products you want to sell.

  • Receive a monthly income for your sales.

The benefits of an online store.

  • They are free.

  • You can sell branded clothing to bring in an extra revenue stream or to promote your organisation.

  • It is free to set up and only requires a basic input of ideas and information to build

  • You set the price you wish to sell your products at.

  • We deal with any problems.

What are the negatives.

  • We can only use your imagery within a template system, this is not a bespoke designed website.

  • You have to promote your online store.

How to get a free online store.

Just contact IDML , get a catalogue and choose your products.

Why is it more expensive to logo the garments you bring to us?

You find a great bargain on the internet or in a shop and buy your garments. But when you bring them to us, it costs more than you expected for your logo to be added. Why is there a premium?

Firstly we split the costs of production between the clothing we supply and the logos we provide, if you don’t buy our clothing, we still need to cover our costs , as the application takes the same amount of time to run on your supplied garment.

There is also the risk that clothing can become damaged in moving machinery and where we replace our clothing for free, we don’t replace provided clothing and we don’t want this to cause ill feeling.

We can probably supply a similar garment and reduce your costs, so it is worth asking for a quote, before buying a shiny special offer, that ends up being more expensive then you thought.

What Makes Helly Hansen Products, Value For Money?

There is an old adage ‘You get what you pay for’, but what constitutes the value in a high quality product versus lower cost options.

Here is a brief overview of Helly Tech manufacture, the heart of Helly Hansen’s outdoor product quality and value.

The material elements used to make up Helly Tech fabric are as follows:-.


A DWR (Durable Water Repellent)-treated outer fabric, the robust outer membrane keeps water out, keeping you dry, even in the most extreme conditions.


The outer layer protects you from powerful winds and piercing temperatures.


The unique material allows sweat vapour out, keeping you dry and comfortable.

Extra value

Carry garments with taped seams and a great ergonomic designs - like adjustable cuffs for fit, a chin guard and sealable dry pockets.

So as well as high levels of protection and comfort, the robust and high quality manufacturing of each garment, give the the products a long life.

If your workwear lasts twice as long, it is actually half the price.